The web presence for the group of Peter L. Ralph in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at the University of Southern California.

We work at the intersection of evolutionary biology, population genetics, probability, and statistics: developing theory about how populations evolve, adapt, and speciate; creating inference methods (and software) for genomic analysis; and doing data analysis on population genomics datasets. A focus is on geography: local adaptation, isolation by distance, and geographically explicit genomic datasets; but our work also ventures into phylogenetics and the evolution of gene regulatory networks.

Have a look at our people, publications, and teaching and events. Code, and some papers in progress, generally live on github.

Some collaborators: Gideon Bradburd, Yaniv Brandvain, Brian Brown, Graham Coop, Matt Dean, Steve Evans, Sergey Nuzhdin, Brad Schaffer, Sebastian Schreiber.

To contact Peter, send email to pralph, at domain (GPG/PGP). Physical coordinates: 404C Ray R Irani Hall (RRI), University of Southern California, City of Los Angeles.

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